How it works


The promax lipo utilises a powerful combination of three market leading technologies for instant inch loss, dramatic cellulite reduction, and now the non-invasive face lift.

Pain free
Fast treatment times
Instants results
Safe and clinically proven technology

Treats: thighs, abdomen, upper arm, buttocks, back, waist side-line.

The ultrasound cavitation works by shaking up fat cells (does not destroy) and loosens thickened clumps so that fat can be released into the body. It causes water to bubble up then pop. This makes holes within the cell membrane so that the fat (triglycerides) within the cell can be released into the body. This process continues for up to 48 hours following treatment. Treatment should coincide with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Fat can be eliminated via:
Urinary system (you may see an increase in diuresis following treatment)
Re-metabolism by the liver
Phagocytosis (white blood cells clear the triglycerides) 

 Treatment Plans

8 – 10 sessions

First 6 sessions twice a week per one A4 area (maximum of two A4 areas in one session) 

Remaining 4 sessions once a week 

1 AREA (A4 SHEET SIZE) – COURSE OF 8 – £470 / COURSE OF 10 – £585
2 AREAS (A4 SHEET SIZE) – COURSE OF 8 – £680 / COURSE OF 10 – £900